Oz Wine Bars to bring more wine to consumers


ozwinebars1.jpgThere’s good news for wine lovers with the introduction of Oz Wine Bars into the country. These devices which are being imported by Amfora Wines allow restaurants to preserve open bottles of wine for longer periods. Restaurants with these devices can serve more wines by the glass at more affordable prices without the wines going bad too quickly. The first restaurant to get the Oz Wine Bar is Lodhi Garden Restaurant in Delhi. A definite win for consumers.

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  1. Dommaraju Krishnamaraju on

    Welcome change in Indian wine scene.
    We are an importer of wines into India and we would like to encourage our customers to go for wine dispensing equipment.
    We are also associated with a group who is planning to have exclusive wine bars where in an equipment like this is a must.
    Very keen to have details and may be even we can think of representing you in South India
    ceo, wine legend India pvt ltd

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