Doing the Zampa Crush at the Nasik Vineyard

Zampa CrushOver 450 wine enthusiasts welcomed the upcoming harvest season on the 31st January in Zampa Vineyards in Nasik. ‘Do the Twist and crush the grapes to the music!’ – was the mantra that was chanted at the Zampa Crush festival as visitors celebrated the grape crushing, writes Jyoti Balani.

Ravi Jain, Deepak Roy and Neeraj Deorah played gracious hosts and entertained their guests with several interesting activities which included grape crushing, a soothing foot spa at the top of the hill, live performance by JUNKT and a fascinating tour of
the vineyard.
Tasting at Zampa crush Private tasting in the Zampa Cellar wit Nik van Arde, chief winemaker
Grape stomping uplifted the spirits of wine enthusiasts Ashwin Deo, Kishen Mulchandani, Naaz and Remu Zhaveri and Shamita Singha as they were seen revelling in the celebration and immersing themselves in an afternoon of sheer pleasure. There was a private wine tasting at the winery’s cellar where guests tasted wines straight from the barrel by Zampa’s South African winemaker, Nic Van Aarde.
Grape stomping was followed by a tour of the winery. Also present among the guests having a fabulous time were socialites from Mumbai and Pune such as Tejasvini Kolhapure, Manasi Scott, Mashoom Singha and Sanea Sheikh.
Watch for more coverage in the print issue of Sommelier India WINE magazine.

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