Oenovideo 2009 – attention wine enthusiasts and filmmakers


The 16th International Grape and Wine Film Festival is taking place on May 8-10, 2009 in Nuit-Saint-Georges, Burgundy, France. Oenovideo is the world’s oldest and only festival dedicated to the valorization of the image of grape and wine through documentary films and cinema.

The competition includes professional and amateur films in French or English or with subtitles (short or long film, documentary, online video, etc.)
You can also enter your photos. In the past the strongest concentration of grape and wine photos has come from around the world. In 2008, more than 650 photos by 50 French and international photographers were entered in the competition.
The best works from both amateurs and professionals photographers are chosen for display and selected photos will be exhibited in Nuits-Saint-Georges, Burgundy, France.
Each year, a different theme is selected. The theme for the 2009 Contest is Stones and Architectural Heritage in the Vineyard.
The Estates & Wines “Discover the Flavours of the World” Award will honour the best amateur photographer with a trip to New Zealand.
Enter before February 28, 2009. Registration is free.
For more information see http://www.oenovideo.oeno.tm.fr
Or email: oenovideo@mail.oeno.tm.fr

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