Nilaya’s Seductive Wine Labels

nilaya1.jpg Last week we published a note about Nilaya’s wine launch here on the Sommelier India blog. Little did we know that the design team behind all of Nilaya’s branding work was reading Sommelier India.

Well, they sent us some of their wine label designs that we felt must be published as they’re refreshing and modern. Do wine labels influence your drinking habits? More on their story after the jump including information on how Nilaya was conceptualized.

Nilaya, the first Indian wine by Diageo is a project that beyondesign has been working on for a large part of the year. It has been a tremendous effort that went into creating an identity and label that does justice to a liquor giant of the likes of Diageo. Nilaya focuses on a clean international look that yet manages to retain a strong Indian identity. Its story speaks of passion, magic and ethnic India interweaved lyrically to bring out individuality and spirit. From creating a logo icon to the blue and silver colour scheme…the story to engage and the stark screw caps to differentiate…the tear away wine find to recollect and the strong Sanskrit ‘n’ to reinforce…it has been a long journey to arrive at Nilaya as it stands before the consumers today.
Several trips to Nashik valley, some serious meandering through the vineyards, deliberate swirling and tasting of the wines at their several stages of winemaking led to the development of an interesting story.
Here’s how it goes…
“Once upon moon, deep in a valley in Nashik a young lady tied a blue scarf on a limp grapevine. Myth whispered that the glistening cloth would capture the magic moonlight and translate it to the wine. Magic multiplied, the vineyard flourished and the lady vowed tribute to her moon. Thus the wine casks were filled only on full moon nights, causing sediments to fall and settle like the ebb and tide of the sea…a perfect technique to the perfect potion. A wine named Nilaya…after the pretty lady.”
The tasting notes too were written with a lot of thought given to communicate the right mood, essence and of course flavour of the particular wine varietal. For example the Nilaya Shiraz Rose tasting note reads as…”Delicious candy apple hints, laced with tropical blossom aromas, its refreshing finish lingers like the lazy afternoon sun. Unleash the magic…come home to Nilaya!”


  1. Great looking Bottle can’t wait to taste the candy apple hints, laced with tropical blossom aromas…..seems like a perfect wine for someone who just wants to lay on a lazy Sunday afternoon on baga beach getting a back rub or in some cases a head massage…..

  2. Champagne Supernova on

    Well the pace at which the MNC’s are foraying into wines in commendable. The story of Nilaya, which says Italian Craftman creating wines in India and grape variety being French is really interesting. I am sure the wine will have the complexity of French, the robustness of Italians and harshness of India. At the end the product will be a fusion of tastes and aromas and not at all easy drinking by which the label is very true to reflect the these aspects. The wines are not at all good by standards of Diageo.

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