Newsweek discusses “Grapes of Their Own”

mountainview.jpg Newsweek magazine recently covered the Indian wine industry. According to them there are some 200 million Indian whisky drinkers and only 700,000 regular wine drinkers. It is hard to believe that there are only 700,000 regular wine drinkers however we do know that the numbers are growing. The article also cited retail sales of $100 million and growth of 35% annually with 1.3 million cass being turned out a year.

Most interesting though was the author’s list of favorite Indian wines. He chose 12 wines from 4 vineyards. Among those included were Sula’s Sauvignon Blanc (a favorite among many Indians), Chateau Indage’s Chantilli Chardonnay, Mountain View Winery’s Cabernet Shiraz blend and Blue Star Winery’s Bluefolds Syrah. Pictured above is the Mountain View Winery in Nasik, Maharashtra.

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