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si_cover_dec.jpgOnce the previous issue goes to press, I start work almost immediately on the next edition. It’s an exciting time for me because I’m done with the old and I have something new and fresh to look forward to. Continue reading Reva K. Singh’s Editor’s Note which highlights the Great Indian Wine Tasting and other stories from the magazine.
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One of the highlights of the magazine’s publishing cycle is the tastings conducted by the Sommelier India Tasting Panel (SITP) which meets regularly to taste wines and make recommendations for our readers, who are discerning consumers.
As the year draws to an end, it has become something of a tradition that the last issue should focus on Indian wines. This year The Great Indian Wine Tasting took place at The Claridges Hotel in New Delhi and was carried out in a very professional manner. See page 16 for a detailed report.
Members of the SITP spent more than four hours assessing 31 Indian wines from the major wine producers in India. At the end of a long session of sniffing, swirling and spitting wine, the overall impression formed by the tasters was that Indian white wines were close to international standards but the reds fell a little short. However, the Panel was impressed with the quality of Indian rosés. All in all, it was a clear indication that the Indian wine industry is headed in the right direction.
If you follow us online you would have already heard about it, not least because SI’s Top Wines were mentioned by Jancis Robinson in her weekly column in London’s Financial Times. (See The article generated considrable international interest and was a great boost for Indian wines as the story was picked up by other writers and columnists. I received a spate of emails wanting to know more about Indian wine.
The Panel’s top three wines in the tasting were Fratelli Chardonnay, Grover Cabernet Sauvignon and Sula Zinfandel in the white, red and rosé category, respectively. The surprise of the evening was a new kid on the block, KRSMA, which scored very high in the Sauvignon Blanc and the Cabernet Sauvignon flights. It’s a young winery near Hyderabad, started by a husband and wife couple. Read their story on page 23.
December is also the holiday season. What could be more festive than Champagne? Don’t miss the article on page 26 written by Romain Bonnaud, former member of the Sommelier India Tasting Panel, who is now back home in France.
There’s a wealth of holiday reading in this issue along with suggestions for gifts for wine enthusiasts and what people who enjoy wine are drinking this season. Make the most of it and do share your news and views with us.

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