N.D. Wines launch in Delhi with Salsa dancing!

ndwines.jpg N.D. Wines launched its revolutionary wines in New Delhi on 15th November 2007. The evening included wine tasting and a dinner. There was live salsa dance entertainment throughout the evening. The dancers included Sameer, Kash, Idres, Vaidyehi, Akshat and Suzanne, the members of the Salsa dance troupe from UK, “salsa es vida”.

The grapes are grown in the Sahyadri Hills in a 700 acre vineyard.

Some interesting facts about N.D.Wines according to their company statement –
• N.D.wines is number one in producing globally approved best quality wines catering to Indian Palate.
• N.D. wines is the first winery in India to grow the world famous Carbernet Sauvignon- reserve and Sauvignon Blanc- reserve used in making reserve wines on the virgin soil. We have also mastered the art of growing Shiraz, Carbernet Souvignon, Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc that are specially used in making different variety of wines.
• N.D. wines’s winery is made as per French standard with all imported machinery. The winery has a tank capacity of 9, 00,000 litres for storage of wines. N.D. Wines adopts world class manufacturing and storage techniques for making and preserving wines.
• N. D. grapes is the single highest exporter of home grown grapes for past several years
• Number one in producing best quality wines catering to Indian Palate.
• First ‘’Indian Wine’’ company to gain true appreciation outside India for quality.
• N.D. wines exclusive taste is because its tested by the expert & famous French wine master Mr. Jean Manual Jacquinot.
• N.D has also won the international level “ Excellence award for Entrepreneurship” from J. M. C. C. I presented by his excellency S. M Krishna Governor of Maharashtra in Jan 2005

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  1. babasasheb gangadhar tarkase on

    The best wines i found wereSuvignon Blanc and Chenin Blanc produced by ND Wines than other wines produced in the Sayhadris. Congratulations for maintaining stringent quality control.Best wishes for future growth.
    Babasaheb tarkase

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