Myra Wines launched in Pune


myra.jpgThe launch of Myra Vineyard wines was marked by an enjoyable evening of delicious tapas, peppy music and wine at Terttulia, a popular restaurant with a young vibe at the hip Koregaon Park neighbourhood of Pune on August 8, 2013, writes Brinda Gill. The restaurant was selected as Ajay felt it matched the easy-going character of Myra wines. Pictured: Ajay Shetty, MD, Myra Vineyards, and Imrun Sethi, owner, Terttulia

“Pune is a fun city. So, after launching our wines in Bangalore and Mumbai, it was a natural choice to place them in Pune”, said Ajay Shetty, MD, Myra Vineyards
“While our wines certainly appeal to connoisseurs, we want them to be associated with fun and not get too caught up in the sophisticated nuances of drinking wine. We believe our wines are fun, uncomplicated and enjoyable, and want them to reach the young segment of the market. We’d like our wines to be an everyday drink rather than
restricted to a social drink,” he said.
Interestingly, Myra Vineyards emerged out of a casual meeting between Ajay and Nikhil Agarwal over dinner. When Ajay, an investment banker, said he was keen on procuring a coffee estate or vineyard, Nikhil suggested the latter. The rest as they say is history. Nikhil joined the enterprise as Chief Advisor and Wine Consultant, and soon Rajesh Rasal came on board as winemaker.
Myra Vineyards are presently producing wines at two locations: Dindori at Nashik, and near Bijapur in northern Karnataka. The grapes are being sourced from contract farmers as well as from the vineyards of two wineries where their wines are being made.
Presently, Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon are being produced. In Maharashtra, the wines are priced between Rs 570 and 630; in Karnataka they range between Rs 620 and 650.
The wines are being actively marketed at retail outlets in the three cities and there are plans to step into the Delhi and Goa markets soon. Entry-level and reserve wines will also be launched shortly; the idea is to build a palette where single varietal wines can be offered at three price points thus creating an awareness of different wines, their notes and nuances.
Myra Vineyards has procured 80 acres near the Bangalore airport to set up its own vineyard and winery. Ajay looks at the entire project as a long term venture and prefers to focus on limited quantities and quality at the moment.
As Rajesh says, “In winemaking one needs patience. The only way to make good wine is to do the right thing at the right time.”
True to its young-at-heart ethos, the team is supporting social causes while also sponsoring events like a golf tournament at Coorg, music events and art festivals such as Art Bengaluru.
“I want people to enjoy our wines, to experiment and be adventurous. Our wines are for all seasons,” says Ajay.

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