MPs wants Indian wine on Domestic Airlines

airindia.jpg The Times of India is reporting that the government may let airlines serve local wine on their domestic sectors. Haryana MP Tarlochan Singh said it was the practice globally. He said that the government should allow small bottles of Indian brands, and restrict it to maybe one per passenger.

What’s driving this sudden support for the local wine industry? Apparently, the MPs have the “farmer interest” in mind.

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  1. “Farmer Interest” is really interesting. Who earns more money by Wine Industry: (1) Farmers (2) Wine Companies (3) Government
    I am not against serving wine (in fact I will like it to be supplemented with beer, and whisky and may be vodka and white run).. but people need to fair with their words. Why the politicians are shying away from mentioning the other beneficiaries? I am sure that it is wine companies who have filled up the pockets of Tarlochan Singh, and not the farmers. Also Haryana does not have any wine yards I believe (if we assume that Tralochan Singh is doing it for vote bank). And I least expect Tralochan Singh to be doing it for farmers of other state – for altruistic motives. In that case he would have been working in parallel to sort out other Farmer Issues as well.

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