Mount Gay Rum ushers in World Rum Day in Delhi


Aug 21-mountgay1703.jpgDelhiites got another reason to celebrate on August 16 – it was World Rum Day. Celebrated in India for the first time, World Rum Day was ushered in with calypso, Caribbean jazz and the rum brand that claims to be the one that gave the world rum – Mount Gay Rum. The party was held at nU Delhi QBA. Delhi’s party regulars crowded the dance floor and kicked up their heels with spirit!
Left: Old Cask Limited 750ml: Mount Gay Rum, the rum that invented rum. Created in Barbados in 1703

Apart from the spirit of Barabados brought alive by the music and dance, the ‘spirit’ of Barabados rum was flowing freely. While purists enjoyed Mount Gay Rum in its solitary splendour, premium cocktails like Mount Gay Mojitos, Mout Gay Mai Tai, Mount Gay Pina Colada, Barbados Swizzle and The Name’s BOND (James Bond’s newest favourite as seen in Casino Royale) were equally popular.
Aug 21 - Rukn Luthra, Managing Director -Indian Sub-Continent & Gulf, Rémy Cointreau India and his wife Nitash Luthra.jpgRukn Luthra, Managing Director – Indian Sub-Continent & Gulf, Remy Cointreau India, was quoted as saying, “Mount Gay Rum, the Rum that invented rum in 1703 has been produced in Barbados with passion and unparalleled craftsmanship under master blender Allen Smith. We are delighted to extend this brand experience to our rum enthusiasts by celebrating ‘World Rum Day’ for the first time in association with our partner nU Delhi QBA.” Pictured: Rukn and Nitash Luthra
Atul Kapoor, of nU Delhi QBA expressed his happiness at being associated with Mount Gay Rum too. “We are happy to associate with Mount Gay Rum from the house of Remy Cointreau, and celebrate World Rum Day at nU Delhi QBA. This unique concept offers Rum lovers a chance to relish Mount Gay Rum cocktails and enjoy our special Barbadian menu,” he said.
Mount Gay Rum is a medium light tasting rum. Using the finest sugarcane, aromatic molasses and pure, coral-filtered water, the rum is matured in old bourbon casks and blended with rums aged for 10 to 30 years under the watchful eyes of successive generations of master blenders to create a rum that has a cognac-like appeal. It is rich and yet soft, with a silken flavour and delicate notes of ripe banana, sweet almond, vanilla and mocha.

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