More German Riesling comes to India


Ulrich Langguth was in India recently with his sons to launch his Riesling wines from the Mosel region in South-West Germany. The vineyard of Goldtropfchen at Piesport is one of the world’s most famous Riesling sites with outstanding GRAND CRU wines. The vineyard of Gaispad at Traben produces qualities of great finesse and perfume in its wines. The wines will be sold in collaboration with Finewinesmore through a mail order system. Consumers who sign up can choose to have specific wines delivered to them or they can choose to have six different bottles sent to them each month.
Riesling is a white grape variety grown historically in Germany (see German wine), Alsace (France), Austria, and northern Italy. Riesling wines are often consumed when young, when they make a fruity and aromatic wine which may have aromas of green or other apples, grapefruit, peach, honey, rose blossom or cut green grass, and usually a crisp taste due to the high acidity

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