Modern Architecture and Mosel Valley Winemakers Clash


mosel-bridge.jpgArchitecture and wine have a deep, historic relationship. And sometimes, that relationship gets manifested in an unusual way. As it happens, a new road bridge that’s being proposed will slice right through some of Mosel Valley’s most famous vineyards in Germany. One wine writer is up in arms about it and justifiably so.

If you are familiar with Hugh Johnson, you’ll probably know that he’s considered the world’s bestselling wine writer. He is a wine celebrity. According to Decanter magazine, he recently expressed his outrage at the proposal to build the Mosel Bridge, and a new road around the Bernkastel area. Appeals organized by local wine producers have already been rejected by the regional government.
Johnson is said to have told the producers, ” There is a great folly and desecration about to be committed. I never expected to see the German government make such an assault on such a precious and prestigious wine region.”
Opponents to the bridge have said that it would cost Euro 500 million to build and would only save 30 minutes in travel time. They have already written to Chancellor Angela Merkel asking her to stop the 160m high 4 lane highway.
One of the winemaker who may suffer is Ernst Loosen who’s vineyards are beneath the bridge. Winemakers like him fear that the fumes and vibrations will not only impact the micro-climate of that particular piece of the Mosel valley but also hurt the vines with the movements. The bridge is also an eye sore.
It is commendable that Hugh Johnson is using his weight to draw attention to this cause. Hopefully, the bridge will not be built.

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