Message in a bottle


Blush_Pink.jpgFebruary and romance go hand in hand. And if you’re thinking of ways to woo your significant other, here’s a little something that can go into that basket along with chocolate and roses. A perfect accompaniment for a special meal or just a fresh start, is a rosé or a blush wine, writes Ruchira Hoon. There are several Indian rosés that are very palatable. If you are wondering where to start, try a Four Seasons Rosé made with Shiraz and Zinfandel grapes from Baramati, Maharashtra.

Salmon pink in colour and bursting with fruity flavour and aromas, this slightly sweet or off-dry wine is best enjoyed served slightly chilled. It makes an ideal aperitif, with its crisp acidity, and also pairs well with Indian dishes that are aromatic rather than chilly hot. A fun and youthful wine that’s priced around Rs 450, depending on local taxes. If you want to try a new wine, another rosé that has come a long way is Mokssh Blush.
Mokssh.jpgPresented unusually in screen printed bottles without a regular label, Mokssh is a venture started by Moksh Sani who is best known for his ‘Living Liquidz’ liquor stores. Regarding Mokssh Wines, Sani’s very laudable aim (in his own words) is “to make top-notch wines, exclusively flavoured wine and available for the common man to promote the concept of fine wines as part of the urban cosmopolitan lifestyle”. Described as a luscious wine with a fresh bouquet, lively acidity, finely textured tannins and a sweet supple finish, Mokssh Blush might be just the wine for your Valentine.

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