May a thousand IVY Wine Bars bloom

ivy4.jpg Chateau Indage is moving one step closer to its goal of opening 1,000 retail outlets across the country. These will be called “IVY Wine Bars”. Planned for this fiscal year, these retail outlets will help the company reach a turnover of Rs 100 crore. The outlets will include Chateau Indage’s own brands and as well as imports from Australia and South Africa.

The company also plans to hold Wine Fests in 25 cities across the country to celebrate its silver jubilee celebration. If you’re looking to try a Chateau Indage wine, try to get a hold of their Ivy Shiraz 2003. It is an award winning wine and probably one of the best that they have produced. If you cannot find it, settle for the Ivy Shiraz 2006 or their recent Ivy Malbec Red. Both are good wines.
These photographs are of the Ivy Bar in Worli, Mumbai. Photographs were taken by


  1. I am keen to start the Wine Bar in Goa, similar to IVY bar in Mumbai. I would like to be in touch with Chateau Indage Management. Could I get some more information on this please.

  2. Hi,
    I live in Navi Mumbai and am keen to know how does one start a Wine Bar.If you could provide me inputs like license fee, merchandising, list of manufacturers etc.
    Avinash Mantri

  3. Wine bars has been a good venture so far and looking the Indian market coming up so good, it was needed to take a step further and Chateau Indage has proved with their wine bars.
    One advice is to in spite of targeting 1000 outlets for the sake of opening, it would be better as well to keep educating people on wines, in your wine bars also you people can do it, because i have seen people drinking wine but they don’t know how to hold a glass. and thats more important

  4. IVY is really doing a great job….. I am a regular to Ivy and have experienced the complete range of Chantilli whites at IVY Worli.
    What they are lacking in is to train their staff on professional and acceptable way of opening wine bottles as well as serving them. I believe a trained person serving at IVY can make it a great wine experience to any one stepping in at IVY.

  5. Could you please forward me the contact name, e.mail address and other contact details of the person who is looking after / setting up the Chateau Indage Ivy Wine Bar.
    Many thanks

  6. Hi,
    I have worked as Sommelier on board Queen Mary 2 which has so far got the best and the biggest wine list affloat anywhere in the world .I am at the moment living in Shillong and would like to open an Ivy wine bar. could you please forward me the details in this regard or the contact details of the person in Chateau Indage.
    Rajesh Swarnakar

  7. I would like to be able to set up a Chateau Indage IVY bar in Delhi. I’d like to get more information about the contact person/point for the same. Can you help?

  8. Hi, I am presently working with Royal Caribbean cruise line as a food manager with a vast knowledge of wine and food. I initially worked as a wine tender am looking for a suitable opening in Mumbai. Can you help?

  9. I would like to open a wine bar in Hyderabad. Would CHateau Indage be going on its own or would be having a franchisee concept?

  10. Dear all,
    This is in reference with the overwhelming response in regards with enquiries to know more about the wine bars and the wine bar functionalities.
    You can feel free to contact the undersigned in regards with any queries on this subject.
    Warm regards,
    Shishir Sivasankaran
    Sr. Manager – Retail Operations
    Land Phone: 022-66547933
    Hand Phone: +91 98202 60600

  11. Every one wants to join the band wagon of the booming Wine culture in India.
    But as they say little (or NO) knowledge is dangerous, and I got a taste of it when I visited “IVY” the only wine bar in suburbs Versova,Mumbai, India (the townies will love this).
    Not one person around had a clue of running a wine bar or even understanding the concept of a wine bar.I can understand limited selection as the place is promoted by a particular Wineyard in India, so they carry only labels produced by them, but its very uncool when the place is not tidy or there are not even basic amenities like wine tastings or cheese if you do want to order one.
    In short we appreciate the effort done by some one out there, but please do bring in some more finess and class to the place.It takes a while to produce good quality wine, give it its due RESPECT by serving it right too, if you really want to be sucessfull, after all first impressions are always remembered.

  12. Hi would like to start a wine shop in navi mumbai or mulund area i don’t know how to start the same. kindly let know the procedure to obtain a wine shop licence and what all formalties to be fulfilled and how to procure the same.
    Vinod Narayan

  13. Wine bar seems to be a zing thing. It holds the promise of growth as wine is fast becoming the inevitable inseparable part of food secnario in India.
    Please provid me with some detailed information whether a franchise is available for an IVY WINE BAR? If so pour all the information.
    Lookign forward to a prompt and positive response.
    Warm Regards
    Ravi Acharya

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