Marquis Ferdinando De’ Frescobaldi visits India

frescobaldi.jpg Marquis Ferdinando De’ Frescobaldi of the Frescobaldi family was in India recently to promote his wines. Frescobaldi is known for its Tenuta dell’Ornellaia, Castel Giocondo and Luce della Vite wine holdings.
The Frescobaldi family began producing Tuscan wine in 1308 and developed a notable client base. In exchange for exclusive paintings, the Frescobaldis traded their wine with the Italian Renaissance painter Michelangelo.

The family also supplied wine to Henry VIII and have contracts in their family archives signed by the English King. Their wine Ornellaia was rated Wine of the Year by Wine Spectator in 2001. Pictured above is the Marquis, Aman Dhall of Brindco Ltd and Reva Singh of Sommelier India.

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