Mahawine attracts a good turnout in Pune

Vinsura bottles.JPG Mahawine 2009, Confederation of Indian Industry’s 3rd International Conference & Expo on Grapes & Wines, was held at Yashada, Pune, on 16th and 17th January, reports Brinda Gill our correspondent in Pune. According to Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) Maharashtra leads in the cultivation, production and export of grapes.

The total production of wine in India is 2.25 crore litres of which 2.11 crore litres are produced in Maharashtra; there are 62 wineries in India, of which 58 are in Maharashtra.

The conference and exposition created awareness about the production and delivery of grapes and how best to improve them as well as offered opportunities for wine producers to meet manufacturers of winery equipment, and winery and vineyard related materials, while the seminar covered different aspects of grapes and wines. Prominent speakers from the government, CII and wine industry shed light on wine grape growing in India, financing opportunities for the agri-wine business, innovative technologies in wine making, wine packaging and research initiatives.
Participants in the exposition included Vinsura wines; Austenitic Steels who manufacture stainless steel wires needed for vineyards; MIDC which is involved with grape wine parks in Maharashtra; Keltech Energies with Soilrite, its eco-friendly soil conditioner; Nashik-based Manoj Jagtap with his range of wine accessories; Economy Refrigeration offering products related to wineries and wine production with Tom Woytek from ERBSLOH explaining the role of fining agents in producing wine; Rani Farm Nursery, Niphad; Sunpikt on sustainable agriculture; and Enoveneta with comprehensive winery related solutions.
The French delegation, here through ADEPTA, included Eurodia, specialists in membrane processing; Materiel Pera, producers of winery equipment; Applic’Etains, producers of pewter sticky labels on bottles; Pedi France, producers of a range of specialized closings including crown caps, `bidules’ for sparkling wines, Pedistrips, and corks; Les Pepinieristes Producteurs Du Comtat, who have been supplying high-quality grafted vine plants, rootstocks, cuttings and buds of different vine varieties to wineries in India; Vitop, manufacturers of taps, connectors and handles for convenient bag-in-box packaging; GAI, producers of a range of bottling equipment going upto 18,000 bottles an hour; Institut Francais de la Vigne et du Vin, involved with research related to vines and wines.
Amit Keval who is based in France interacted with visitors about importing well-known wine-industry related equipment and materials including Saint Gobain bottles and Bucher vaslin machines. Nilesh Jadhav from the Gargi Agriculture research and Training Institute, Nashik, provided details of the B. Sc. and Diploma courses offered by the institute; and Stephane Brochier from Ecole Superieure d’Agriculture d’Angers offered information about the institute’s International Vintage Master’s degree.

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