Magnificent Megu and Irresistible OTW


RR-megusign.JPGA few weeks ago we were treated to a magnificent meal at Megu, the Japanese restaurant at Delhi’s Leela Palace. The food was superb with the experience made all the finer by the setting and mannerly service. Another, but different style of restaurant that we visited more recently is the newly opened, “On the Waterfront” at Delhi’s Aman Hotel on Lodhi Road.

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With its serene understated ambience, Megu (pictured, right) is an elegant blend of traditional Japanese and contemporary design. Dominating the main dining room is a large crystal Buddha seated serenely above a water-body, beneath a 400 kg Bonsho temple bell suspended from the ceiling.
Before taking our place at the dining table, we invoked a blessing from the crystal Buddha (Megu means “blessing” in Japanese) which turned out to be an auspicious start to the meal because our dining experience was sublime. Attentive service and warm hospitality combined with outstanding food which was impeccably served on custom-designed chinaware that changed with each dish, making it all the more pleasurable.
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On The Waterfront The moving spirit behind the transformation of the restaurant wing of The Aman Hotel in Delhi is Prasanjit Singh, CEO, DLF Emporio Restaurants Limited. He was frequently on site during its development and now that the restaurant — in its first phase — is open, he speaks to Sommelier India about what went into its creation. Positioned as a stand-alone restaurant distinct from the hotel, “On The Waterfront” isn’t complete as yet. Its nightclub has still to come, but it seems to have got off on to a flying start.
Click on the video to hear what restaurateur, Prasanjit Singh had to say.
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