Maddur Vada with Sauvignon Blanc from South Africa


Dakshin at the ITC Park Sheraton, Delhi recently matched Kalyera thokku (lobster in an onion-based sauce) with a crisp Riesling. This was preceded by matching mathur Maddur vada, a Mysore vada, with a sauvignon blanc from South Africa. The bold match went down very well with diners. What are your most unusual (and successful!) food and wine matches?


  1. I think the word Maddur has been misspelt as Mathur. Maddur is a small town between Mysore and Bangalore and famous for it’s vada made up of soaked chana dal very coarsely ground into a paste and mixed with a generous amount of thinly sliced onions and deep fried. It’s usually sold as a palm sized flat disc.

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