‘Liquid Assets’ Redefined


Globus Wines forms a separate division focusing on customised Wine Cellars and Wine Investments, reports Bunny Suraiya. Globus Wines was established in 2004. It has production facilities as well as collaborative partnerships in India and France and offices in India and the UK. Its new Liquid Asset Management division allows wine lovers to take advantage of a range of services designed specifically for them.

The company’s custom-built wine cellars are ideal for hotels as well as for those wishing to store wines professionally at home. Prices start from £20,000 (for a 500-bottle capacity) and require a minimum space of 200 sq ft. The Wine Cellars come complete with insulation, cooling systems, flexible racking for storing, varying bottle sizes and humidity-control doors. The company has already secured assignments to build two customised Cellars in Mumbai, each designed to hold 500 and 1,300 bottles respectively.
The range of services offered by the investment wing is useful for customers who wish to buy and collect investment-graded wines on a regular basis. All purchases are subject to UK laws and the company undertakes to buy wine for the customer at wholesale prices, insure it at full market value, store it in regulated bonded warehouses in London or Paris, and enter into an agreement whereby it cannot be traded or sold without the customer’s permission in writing.
For more information visit www.GLOBUSWINES.com

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