Letter from Ariff Jamal formerly of Brindco


jamal1.jpgHaving visited India at regular intervals over the past ten years to promote Bichot wines through Brindco, I took up a 12-month assignment on 4 May 2008 to help Brindco penetrate and lead in the organised retail segment of the Indian wine market.

This assignment completed, I moved from Delhi to Bangalore to provide technical help to Grover Vineyards and restore the 2008 vintage and bring in the 2009 vintage to a standard of quality deemed international.
The last 12 months of residence in India has been an extraordinary and overwhelming experience. I have not only experienced firsthand the myriad colours of this country, but also realised the potential India has in its challenge to make quality wines.
I now return to France at the end of the month to join my family who have been very patient, allowing me to invest one year of my professional career in a country that is so dear to me.
All of you who read my message and have supported me in this task, both at Brindco and at Grover Vineyards, a fond farewell. I must confess, India is a country where you cry on arrival but you also cry when you leave

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