Leeuwin Estate wine tasting in Delhi

leeuwin.jpg An exclusive tasting of Leeuwin Estate wines was held at Baci in New Delhi on March 26th where Simone Horgan-Furlong presented her wines.
Back in 1972, legendary winemaker Robert Mondavi visited Australia looking for the best place to grow grapes. He identified a location in the Margaret River district. Denis and Tricia Horgan owned a cattle farm on that spot and rather than selling to Mondavi they convinced him to help them start a winery.

Leeuwin was thrust into the international spotlight when Decanter Magazine gave its highest recommendation to the 1980 “Art Series” Chardonnay in an international blind tasting. Since then, they haven’t looked back. On three occasions Leeuwin has been included in the “International Winery of the Year” category by US Wine & Spirits magazine and has also been included in the prestigious French publication, “100 Vins De Legende”, as one of the world’s great wine legends.
Leeuwin Estate also hosts concert events every year. In the past The London Philharmonic Orchestra, Ray Charles, Diana Ross, Julio Iglesias, George Benson and Sting have performed. Sting’s performance was a fundraiser for the Tsunami victims. $4.9 million was raised for the victims. Even if you aren’t fond of Margaret River wines, this is reason enough to try wines from Leeuwin Estate.

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