Kingfisher Bohemia – A wine for everyone else?

kingfisher_bohemiaa.jpg With the Indian wine market continuing its bull run, it should come as no surprise that Kingfisher has entered the market with another wine brand. Called Kingfisher Bohemia with the theme no rules, no rituals and no special occasions, Kingfisher aims to bring the good times to the world of wine. We haven’t tasted the wines, but this is certainly a dynamic marketing play. Accompanying the launch, is a contest, an NDTV tie in and scheduled wine tastings across the country.

This wine comes in three variants – white, red and rose. With these three wines, the strawberry-and-violet Pinotage Rosé, the pineapple-and-melon white wine Chenin Blanc Chardonnay and the sweet berry-flavoured Pinotage – Kingfisher Bohemia rewrites the rules of wine drinking in India or so says the announcement. This is because these are ‘anytime anywhere’ wines which complement any type of cuisine.

As an avid wine drinker, I may not agree with the notion of a wine complementing any and every type of cuisine but I do respect the fact that Kingfisher is encouraging Indian consumers to form their own opinions of the wine. Rather than depend upon expert ratings or recommendations by self appointed experts, the Kingfisher message is to try the wine and decide for yourself whether it is worth its weight in gold. Elaborating on Kingfisher Bohemia, Shekhar Ramamurthy, Deputy President- United Breweries Limited says, “We believe that it’s time India discovered the fun side of wine! No rules, no rituals, no dress codes, any occasion and any cuisine matching the wine! Kingfisher_Bohemia_Reda1.jpg

This simplifies the enjoyment of wine. Kingfisher Bohemia offers the wine drinker great taste and unmatched flavour, minus the complicated rituals commonly associated with wine drinking.”
Just as Sula has done with the French Pierre Maison and Vinner Wines has with Italian Opera, Kingfisher is importing a wine and packaging it under its own label. The wines come from the Cape Floral Kingdom, South Africa, which is one of the world’s oldest, most eco-friendly wine growing regions. The resulting flavour is a fruity, delectable bouquet that goes well with any food or occasion.
Kingfisher Bohemia is available at a price ranging from 590 to 795 depending on the market it is available in. And the wine is supposedly going to be available in most leading hotels and pubs across India. For a complete list, visit the store locator. Try some Kingfisher Bohemia and tell us what you think.
Back in 2006 we reported on a potential UB Group South African purchase. It seems like we were onto something then. The UB Group owns Bouvet Ladubay which it is also heavily promoting across India.
– Shiv Singh


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    Hi, I want to send a bottle of Kingfisher Bohemia red to my brother in pune.Is it possible to get it delivered at hios address on his birthday. he us crazy about it. Please let me know.thanks. Bye.

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