Jean-Michel Lemetayer new chairman of Sopexa


After two mandates and a complete reorganization of the group since his appointment in 1997, Dominique Chardon has stepped down as chairman of Sopexa. He is succeeded by Jean-Michel Lemetayer.
In his capacity as chairman, Chardon implemented several projects to improve the competitiveness of the company, paving the way for buying back the State’s holding, which was around 20% of the capital.

A farmer from Gard, Dominique Charbon’s actions at Sopexa always took into account French uniqueness in a globalized market focussing on highly sought-after quality products with a strong identity, connected to the local terrain and people, that represented the richness of French food culture. Charbon and his family were agrobiology producers of fruits, vegetables, olive oil and wine.
Director of Sopexa since 1996, the new chairman, Jean-Michel Lemetayer understands the operational and political importance of Sopexa in promoting products.
In addition to being a member of the Ministry of Agriculture’s public service delegation for the “Promotion of French products and food culture in the world” till 2012, Lemetayer will also head Sopexa’s network of 28 international offices, and their bicultural teams, whose influence extends over more than 50 countries.
The new Chief Executive Officer of Sopexa, Cécile Bassot will take over the general management of Sopexa, alongside Jean-Michel Lemetayer, following the separation of responsibilities of the Chairman and CEO, notes a news release from Sopexa.

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