Italian Wine Exports to India up 115%


Italian wine exports to India increased by 115% during the first five months of the year. This compared to data from the first half of 2005. Indians are drinking a lot more wine, there is no doubt about that. Nevertheless, a 115% increase is huge. The question is who is drinking the most Italian wine. Is it happening in the independent restaurants, the hotels or the homes? Tell us what you drink and why.

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  1. Richard Lisboa on

    Raised in Mumbai ( Vasai) i was always hurried to the local restaurant to fetch bottles of lager for on Sunday. Twenty years have passed since i ran that local errand. After living in the U.S for almost 15 years and now in Milan, Italy, I am trying to enter the Indian Wine business. I really dont know how to start ! Wine has graced my table for many years, at an enterprising 30 years of age with no goading required wine does play a significant part of my table manners. I have a U.S Federal importers licence and my discerning palate gravitiates towards soft, smooth, bold and robust wines that have an easy drinking attitude. None of my studies in International Relations has prepared me for the burgeoning global wine market. Any advice would be met with an open mind.

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