Italian Revelry – The Reveilo way for India


bottle display_1.JPGReveilo Wines launched two new wine varietals – Nero D’ Avola and Grillo, on April 30, 2010 at the Allamanda Terrace of Marine Plaza, Mumbai. The launch was attended by a wide spectrum of people from the industry. The beautiful view of the sea, the dim lights and the international dance performances made the evening memorable and the wines were highly appreciated by all present, reports Suneeta Sodhi Kanga, Sommelier India wine magazine correspondent from Mumbai.

Launch of the Wines - Mr.Mukul Raja, Mr. Suresh Patil,Mr. Ausgusto, Kiran and Yatin Patil and Mr. Perrette.JPGThe wines were formally launched and inaugurated by Mr. Augusto Giancitti – Italian Trade Commissioner and Mr. Bernard Prevette – Italian Deputy Trade Commissioner.
Right: Launch of the Wines – Mr.Mukul Raja, Mr. Suresh Patil,Mr. Ausgusto Giancitti, Kiran and Yatin Patil and Mr. Perrette
There exist thousands of grape varieties, some of them are extremely good but not known in India. The vision of providing the Indian consumer with an authentic Italian experience motivated Vintage Wines to stride down this untrodden path. The choice of these grapes essentially emanated from the producers’ personal liking of the varietals. These imported root stocks from Italy were first planted on the Indian soil in Nashik in 2006, the first vintage of which was 2009.
Grillo is a white grape varietal widely grown in Sicily, where it is used to make a honeyed but still dry white wine with good acidity. The Reveilo will greets you with a bouquet of citrus, lemon, orange and grapefruit. It is a medium bodied white wine with crisp acidity and a long mineral after taste.
Nero d’Avola is Sicily’s most popular red grape, used in the region’s bestselling varietal wines. These have been compared to New World shirazes, with sweet tannins and plum or peppery flavours. The Reveilo Nero D’ Avola, on the other hand, is a medium bodied red wine with strong fruity aromas of cherry accompanied by some spicy notes of pepper and cinnamon. It is a young wine with a long finish.
With the introduction of these Sicilian varietals, Vintage Wines has become the first company in India to produce wines from Italian grapes. Nero d’Avola and Grillo, pair well with the Indian cuisine. Produced by Vintage wines, they are now available for everyone in all trade and retail outlets.

Vintage Wines Private Limited, one of India’s premium wine brands, was incorporated with the primary objective of producing wines that are consistent in finesse, taste and quality. Vintage Wines is currently marketed under the brand name of ‘Reveilo’.

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