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Opera.JPGFollowing on the heels of its successful second mission to India, which included a series of promotional food events in November and culminated in two familiarisation tours in December 2008 and February 2009 to Italy, Opera announces a further series of programmes in May as a part of its third mission to India.

Òpera is a consortium or association of cooperative agricultural enterprises and Italian food-farming within the European Excellence Programme. European Excellence is a promotional campaign funded by the European Union, the Italian state, agricultural cooperatives and companies working in the agro-food sector.
Founded in 2007, it aims to promote, enhance, spread and popularise products from quality food-farming cooperatives in the world. The six main chains of European agro-production include: fresh fruits and vegetables as well as their processed offshoots like conserves, juices, peeled, pulped and ready-to-eat packaged food, dairy products, wine, olive oils, cold cuts and choice meats.
Through a variety of interactive events to take place in Mumbai, the consortium aims to entertain and educate the Indian consumer about their members’ range of top quality products. By showcasing these foods and highlighting ideal pairing combinations, health benefits and recipe suggestions that suit the Indian palate and culinary traditions, the consortium hopes to make an impression on the Indian consumer.
Òpera is organizing workshops, cooking demos, contests, and gala events at the ITC Grand Central Hotel, Mumbai between May 10 and 12, 2009. An Òpera Promotion Week will also be held at various Nature’s Basket outlets across the city between May 11 and 17.
For more details about Òpera’s events, visit or email
Official representatives in India:
Nina Saxena (+91 9811165750) and Seema Chari (+91 9810911245)
M/s Eloquenza, G-204, Yamuna Apts
New Delhi 110019.
Tel +91 11 40523817

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