International competition between the best sparkling wines in the world

If you’ve been reading Sommelier India – The Wine Magazine (November/December 2008), you know what makes Champagne unique. The articles and interviews in our special Champagne section make interesting reading. However, while Champagne only comes from Champagne, it isn’t the only sparkling wine. (India produces some fine examples, such as Château Indage’s Marquise de Pompadour and Sula Brut.) JML65E190-blog.jpg

The 6th international competition of the world’s best sparkling wines has just given over. At Effervescents du Monde®, international experts tasted 418 Sparkling wines from 24 countries (Indian sparklers were not in the tally) over two days on November 13-14 at the Lycée Le Castel culinary school in Dijon, France.
Observing strict quality standards under optimal tasting conditions the international judges awarded 139 medals (43 Gold, 96 Silver). Among the world’s top 10, interestingly, are three Champagnes, of which Champagne Alain Couvreur Cuvée de Réserve Brut is in the first place.
Also in the top 10 from France are one “Crémant d’Alsace” and two “Crémants de Bourgogne”. Some wines were so close to being equal that the Top 10 2008 includes 13 wines.
The 2008 edition was a success, with a growing number of participants, showing that there is an increasing interest in international, quality-based competitions.
Unique in its international scope, its method and ambition, the 7th Effervescents du Monde® competition will be held on November 19 -20, 2009 in Dijon.
Effervescents du Monde is organised by the Forum Oenologie association and was certified by the DGCCRF (French consumer-protection agency) and by the EU on 21 May 2003.
Visit to learn more about the competition and the world’s best sparkling wines.

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  1. I must say that the wines from India are growing in excitement, and what we need here in the US is a better portrayal of them to the public. it is a fascinating region that has tons of potential for advancement and continued success. What could help is a regulated system inplaced to assist with governing of the wine trade.

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