Indigo Deli Organizes Wine Events


Bombay’s oenophile Sanjay Menon, will take his class at Indigo Deli in Mumbai through a tutored tasting of wines made from one grape varietal. For the first class, he will explore the world’s most planted white wine varietal – Chardonnay. The class will conclude with a tasting of 3 (or 4) wines from both the old and new world.
Sanjay will continue to take a class on every third Saturday of the month at the Deli. In each session he will discuss basic issues concerning wine such as, the tasting process and how to store wine. This will be followed by a tasting of wines from the same varietal from different wine growing regions around the world. From 6pm-7pm. Cover charge: Rs.600. To participate call 022 6655 1010

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