India’s new status symbol: a nation hits the bottle


The Independent out of London ran a major story on the Indian wine scene. Reva Singh of Sommelier India was quoted discussing the growth of wine in India. Excerpted is the Sommelier India reference.
Three years ago, publisher Reva Singh started a wine newsletter that was sent out to a small group of subscribers. Now Sommelier India, the country’s only magazine devoted to wine, is a grown-up, bi-monthly glossy on sale at selected stores. Subscriptions for the magazine, which contains news and features on both Indian and imported wine, she says, are up by 25 per cent on last year.
“Things are changing. People are becoming increasingly sophisticated with wine and want to learn more about it. When we started, people perceived drinking wine as being trendy. Many men preferred to drink Scotch. Now it has got to where people are asking questions.”

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