IGPB puts Indian wines in the international arena


ProWein11_tasting.jpgThe Indian Grape Processing Board puts Indian winemakers on centre stage. The Indian wines’ showing at ProWein in Dusseldorf – the world’s Number One wine trade show – was literally something to write home about. Among 3,600 exhibitors from 50 countries, the Indian exhibitors succeeded in impressing many of the record 38,000 visitors during the three-day event from 27 to 29 March. This was a test of sorts for the Indian Grape Processing Board, which had taken several Indian vintners to the show, where they seem to have made an impression.

With a central placement in the largest hall at the exhibition, Indian winemakers were quite literally at the centre of attention among buyers from all over the world. (Each winery paid a relatively modest fee of Rs 35,000 or €550 to take part.) While many visitors were drawn by curiosity, many others enjoyed the wines they tasted. Most were unaware that India was also a wine producing country and were pleasantly surprised at the quality.
Since the 2010 event, ProWein has grown with a 5% increase in visitors, with as much as 80% being decision makers for their companies. There was an increase of about 200 suppliers. New buyers from England, Scandinavia, USA and Canada rubbed shoulders with their counterparts from Russia, the Czech Republic, the Baltic States, China, Thailand and Hong Kong.
As in previous years, all internationally relevant wine-producing nations in Europe and overseas were well represented as well as countries from further afield like Brazil and India. For Randhir Patel of IGPB, exhibiting at shows like ProWein is the way to go, for Indian wines to make a mark in the international market.
The Fair concluded on an upbeat note. “Many contacts, good business deals and an intense exchange of information and ideas: the mood at the leading international fair for wines and spirits was excellent,” reported the ProWein press office.
– Soni Sangwan
Note: To facilate advance planning, the dates for ProWein 2012 and 2013 have already been set: ProWein 2012: 4 to 6 March, ProWein 2013: 24 to 26 March. – Ed.

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