Indian wines get exclusive. Miazma at Rs.1,200/ bottle

miazma_cheninblanc1.jpg Globus Wines has just announced the release of its Super-Premium brand Miazma “Fine Wine of India.” The company has launched the wine in three varietals, Miazma Chenin Blanc, Miazma Shiraz and Miazma Pink Rose. Aiming to establish the brand as an exclusive one, only 3,000 bottles have been produced. Of these only 500 are available in retail with the rest ‘on request to ship basis’ only.

The company is planning to sell first 1,000 bottles in hand-crafted wooden cases, laser engraved with the company logo, which will ideally be used for gifting or personal collection around the festive corner. At Rs.1,200 a bottle, these are some of the most expensive Indian wines available. Tell us if they’re worth the cost and you like them.

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