Indian wine market grows at 30-40%

According to industry statistics, the domestic wine consumption has increased from three million litres in 2003-04 to 7.60 million litres in 2005-06 and 11.25 million litres in 2006-07. The Indian wine market is growing at about 30 to 40 per cent and is expected to maintain this pace for the next five to six years reports The Hindu newspaper. grapepicking.jpg

The big names in the wine production industry include Indage, Sula and Grover Vineyards. Presently, there are 51 grape wine units in the state, including 28 in Nashik, 8 in Sangli, 9 in Pune and 3 in Solarpur. India at present imports 72,000 wine cases (each case consists of about nine litres), out of which 32,000 cases are bottled in origin and the rest imported in bulk flexi bags and subsequently bottled by Indian wineries.


  1. Dharmajit Pattnaik on

    One thing that I fail to understand:-
    How has wine become such a widely drinakble product in India?
    1) What product attributes?
    2) What consumer specifics/aspects were you able to influence that brought about this massive consumption?

  2. There are a lot of different factors contributing to the growth of wine in India. Some of them include the country’s globalization with more people traveling and tasting wine abroad, proactive marketing efforts by leading wine producers, the efforts of wine societies and clubs to promote drinking and the fact that increasingly more people see it as a healthy alternative to hard liquor. The status symbol appeal of wine has also been a lure for some people

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