Indian owned Bouvet-Ladubay produces French bubbly in the Loire Valley


bouvet.jpgNow an Indian company, Bouvet-Ladubay produces excellent French bubbly in the Loire Valley. In November 2000 UNESCO added the Loire Valley to the World Heritage List as a cultural landscape, in recognition of the quality of the site and the efforts being made for its preservation. And this is also where Vijay Mallya’s recent acquisition, Bouvet-Ladubay is situated in the town of Saumur.

Established in 1851, by the turn of the century, Bouvet-Ladubay had become the largest producer of Brut in the world. With more than 156 years in winemaking experience Bouvet-Ladubay is justifiably proud of its long tradition and reputation as one of the premier wines of the world. Recipient of over 270 awards in the last 30 years, Bouvet-Ladubay is all set to scale new heights as an Indian company
producing some of the best French bubbly.
“Although we produce some still wine as a friendly gesture, my job is bubbles,” said President and Director General, Patrice Monmousseau as he took us on a tour of the ancient cellars in Saumur. “My family’s work since four generations has been sparkling wine.”
Bouvet-Ladubay comes to India with a selection of its best wines, including a bright and shimmering cherry red sparkling with very fine bubbles. Learn more about the wines available in the country in the next issue of Sommelier India. With ambitious plans and a new winery in the pipeline, Monmousseau hopes to double his output in five years from four million to eight million bottles of Bouvet-Ladubay.

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