India Wine Show – A Success

The India Wine Show held at Krishi 2007, Nashik was a one-of-its kind and memorable. The India Wine Show was a reflection of how Indian Wine is making waves in the foreign markets. The highlight of the event was the participation of the foreign delegates, who presented their businesses and the new technologies that were showcased at the India Wine Show. Businessmen, traders, buyers, sellers, experts flocked to the India Wine Show. Most importantly, Nashik and its wine industry came into prime focus, as the visitors marveled at the growth of the Indian wine industry. Sommelier India was the official wine publication for the show. krishi3.jpg

The show included almost 26 companies related to wine, from wine manufacturers to importers, filter manufacturers to manufacturers of closures and allied equipment. The participants included Champagne Indage, Sula Vineyards, Vinsura, Reveilo, Renaissance, Sigma Wines, ND Wines, Flamingo Wines, Grepsy, Rajdheer Wines, AD Wines and Deccan Plateau Wines from the wine manufacturers. While from the equipments, there was Bucher Vaslin (France) and Reliable technocrats. From importers, SNS Overseas, Deccan Impex and Indux exports participated. Other companies included Kitten Enterprises and SERVE INDIA. Almost 15,000 business delegates from India and abroad visited the show.
The buyer seller meet was attended by visitors from countries like France, England, Australia, Italy, Belgium, Denmark. The second day was the day of discussing the ‘Opportunities for Indian wine industry’ by a renowned panel of experts who discussed at length the possibilities and the new horizons for the Indian wine industry. Abhay Kewadkar, VP UB-Wines talked about how wine culture in India was going to be in future. The topic was continued by the talk on the promotion of Indian wine globally by Venki Venkataraman, Director, Dr A.B Patil then threw light on the important aspect of the Grapes & wine policies of governments, and drew attention to the plan of Karnataka state to promote wine. After him, it was Vijay Gadakh, who focused on the aspect of the wine industry acting as a catalyst for the growth of grape growers in Maharashtra and India, a valuable discussion indeed.
The technology session was chaired by Satwinder Pal Singh (Manager, Research & Quality, Seagram Distilleries). After him, came the turn of Benelli Samuele (Enartis, Italy), who addressed the gathering about ‘Quality improvement with technology’ in which he talked about additives, and how they could wine making, and also cleared the misconception that additives were like adulterants to wine. Alberto Bertolas (Grouppo Bertolaso, Italy) who talked about ‘New Trends in Bottling Line’ gave various new insights about the international practices in bottling and bottling machinery. Next on the list was Luc De Vlieger, a guest from Alfa Laval Belgium, who introduced the audience in revolutionary new machinery for juice extraction, which would certainly prove to be a fantastic addition to India’s wine cellars. Rodrigo Peter Nambrard from Seaguin Moreau, France (one of France’s leading cooperages) talked about the importance of barrels, and the necessity of scientifically manufacturing and using barrels as a storage for certain types of wine.
Ronald Vanderstichel (Nomacorc, Belgium) addressed the session about Synthetic Corks, which are still somewhat viewed with skepticism, and elucidated the scientific procedure behind the production of producing synthetic corks. His catchy oratory was really noteworthy as he effortlessly spoke about a really serious subject. Satish Tikhe (National Sales Head, SYSTIME) then spoke about grower’s management and System integration with the help of IT, a practice which could really change the face of the global wine industry. Enrico Bocca from Vason, Italy, who spoke about ‘Cold Stabilization of Wine by Electrodialysis’, which is a revolutionary new process of stabilizing wine and removing unwanted ions by ion exchange membranes, instead of the traditional cold stabilization, a comparatively expensive process
Other guests included, Tushar Joshi (TJ Liquor import & Export), Vasant Shetty (Hon Secretary, Hotels & Restaurants association, Western India), Noted Wine consultant Ravi Singh, Dr B Krishna from the Karnataka Wine Board, who emphasized the need for a wine board in Maharashtra for providing a proper platform to publicity of Wine, and finally, Girish Koraddi GM, Elite Vintage Winery India
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