India uncorks a thirst for wine

The Indian wine story is making waves around the world. The latest is a story in Australia’s The Age which talks about wine consumption across India. It also highlights Chateau Indage and its Australian acquisition, Tandou.
Some statistics mentioned include the number bottles being consumed – 5 million per year. The number of regular whisky drinkers is 200 million compared to 700,000 wine drinkers and finally the domestic market is expected to grow to 9.76 million bottles by 2010 according to Assocham. This is a 30% increase.
Reva Singh of Sommelier India was quoted in the article discussing wine consumption in India.

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  1. Kartik Gosain on

    Well thats a very fast growth rate for the wine consumption in india. The increasing demand will not only improve the wine growth but will promote wine culture..
    I hereby wish a very good luck to all the producers and also the consumers of wine a great time with the enigma of the same.
    Also one must appreciate the effort of sommelier india in spreading wine education which is somehow like a new concept on the cards for people.
    The same leads to growth of beverage culture which has a very great future in india….

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