India, EU whine over wine duty


The debate over wine tariffs continues. On Wednesday, the Indian government said it was considering a cut in tariffs on imported wines and spirits, shortly after the US complained to the WTO saying Indian duties unfairly restricted exports by US producers. Kamal Nath said a reduction in duties could have been announced in India’s budget last week, but this could be done later on as well, the PTI news agency reported. With pressure mounting, it seems only a matter of time before the tariffs are reduced.
For more on the story, read CNN-IBN’s and The International Herald Tribune’s coverage. And don’t miss this Reuters story which includes the important perspectives of the Indian wine producers.

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  1. Maitry Desai on

    The case of wine tariffs is a sensitive issue need to be overcome by Indian government in favour of growing Indian wine industry. The chances are more that European union may win the case against India filed up with concerned to high import duties. But before the invasion of international wines, Indian wine industry need to come up with strong brand and their unique wine style to sustain the hard out competition going to face in the coming years. Viticulture and winemaking practices should be encouraged across the country to build up strong wine industry which can give good fight against foreign investment with respect to wine sale as well as winery establishment. Indian wine industry is too young to sustain the competition except for those who has know their terrior and produce wine accordingly. After all winemaking is not a mechanical production of numbers of bottles/cases but it is a beautiful combination of art and science!

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