IGPB presents Indian wines to hoteliers in Pune


members of the hospitality industry and representatives of wine companies interacted at the Tasting of Indian Wines session hosted by the IGPB at Hyatt Regency Pune.JPGThe Indian Grape Processing Board (IGPB) presented a Tasting of Indian Wines at Hyatt Regency Pune on 4th October 2012. It was the first of its kind endeavour by the IGPB with the aim to forge a direct interaction between wineries and the hospitality industry, says Brinda Gill. Pictured: Members of the hospitality industry and representatives of wine companies at the IGPB Tasting

The session had 10 wineries presenting their wines to representatives of the top hotels and restaurants of the city.”The Indian domestic market for wines is huge and the hospitality industry is a major stakeholder. The event offers an opportunity for wine producers to understand and leverage their wine business,” said Dhananjay Datar, COO, IGPB.
“It is far easier for a winery representative to meet representatives from 30 or 40 top hotels and stand-alone restaurants in the city at this forum than go to each one individually. Members of the hospitality industry also get a chance to meet representatives from wineries and know of the range of Indian wines and their quality.”
Visitors interacted with representatives from Vallonné Vineyards, Good Drop Wine Cellars, Vallée de Vin, Grover Vineyards, Vin & Vouloir, Sula Vineyards, Four Seasons Vineyards, Vintage Wines, Ritza Estate Vineyards and Fratelli Wines. They learnt about the range of wines being produced as well as tasted them. Over 50 wines spanning red, white, rosé and sparkling wines were presented.
The wineries highlighted their best wines, wines that had received commendations, special wine varieties like Riesling from Sula and Sangiovese from Reveilo (Vintage Wines), and value for money wines like the Rio range of sparkling wines from new entrant, Good Drop wine cellars. Light eats of olives, cheese and bread sticks provided the perfect interlude between tastings.
This initiative by the IGPB and host hotel, Hyatt Regency Pune was appreciated by all. “It is noteworthy that the IGPB has taken the effort to promote Indian wines. It is the first time that such a focused presentation has been made to the F & B industry and we appreciate the effort,” said Shailendra Pai, Founder & CEO, Vallonné Vineyards.
(left) Dhananjay Datar, COO, IGPB, and (right) Jagdish Holkar, Chairman, IGPB, at the Tasting of Indian Wines session at Hyatt Regency Pune.JPG“We promote wine and wine events all year at the hotel. Hosting this event is an extension of these endeavours as well as an opportunity to work with the IGPB,” said Gadi Hassin, GM, Hyatt Regency Pune. Jagdish Holkar, Chairman, IGPB, said, “Wine is a celebration drink and the sale of wines is high in premium hotels and restaurants. The event aims to promote the awareness and sale of Indian wines in this market segment. IGPB will be organizing similar events in Mumbai, Delhi, Chandigarh, Goa and Bangalore.” Pictured left, at the Tasting of Indian wines at Hyatt Regency Pune: Dhananjay Datar, COO, IGPB, with (right) Jagdish Holkar, Chairman, IGPB

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