Grover Vineyards takes to Maharashtra


Grover Vineyards is today the only domestic wine major not to own a production facility in Maharashtra and that’s about to change. By February 2007, Grover Vineyards plans to crush and bottle wine at a hired bottling plant in Maharasthra and will put up its own winery there later in the year.
Why bother doing this? Quite simply because Maharashtra’s excise duties are aimed at protecting local producers and push up the prices of wines not produced there. By the end of September, Grover’s second line of wines, christened Sante, will be on retail shelves across the country except in Maharasthra. These wines will be 60% cheaper than Grover’s existing wines.
But they cannot be sold in Maharashtra at the same price because of the excise duties. This will change once the wines are produced within the state as well. Read more at Business Standard.

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  1. Devesh Agarwal on

    I recently tasted the Sante range of Grover. It may be 60% lower in cost, but it is significantly lower in taste. Sorry to be rude, but it is really bad. I am afraid that the overall Grover name might be irrevocably tarnished with such a poor product.

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