Grape growers in the doldrums


The news of wine from other fruits comes at a time when the 58 grape wineries in north and western Maharashtra are in crisis due to a drop in demand, with many brands apparently dishonouring contracts with grape growers.

According to industry reports, currently wineries in the state produce over 2.11 crore litres of grape wine – 97% of the total wine production in India. Most of the demand for grape wine comes from Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Goa. The wine industry in Maharashtra grew by almost 33% in 2007-08 compared to the previous year. The total investment in the sector has grown four times over the last five years, from Rs 77.75 crore in 2004 to Rs 328.97 crore in 2008.
Today things appear less rosy for the Indian wine sector and grape growers in particular. There are indications of more wines being produced from a wide variety of other fruits. Although these cannot properly be called “wine”, in a few years you may find yourself drinking wine made from mangoes, bananas, apples, blueberries and blackberries!

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  1. yoland christopher on

    hi! i would love to get a hold of some growers who deals in good stock of grape , as i want to try and start a vineyard at sikkim.
    would be glad if there was help from your sector.
    thank you

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