Gary tastes Sula, Chateau d’Ori and Tiger Hill

Indian wines are attracting attention in all quarters and here’s another angle in the “Can Indian wines compete internationally?” blog debate. It’s an internet clip that you might find interesting. Although I’ve watched Gary’s show and exchanged notes with him, I don’t know if I agree with him completely, but listen to what he has to say and tell us what you think.

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  1. i guess every one has an opinion. But if you see the trend in opinion than you will agree with him. I think performance of Sula dindori resereve shiraz has been declining . Take the first indian wine challenge it was not even able to stand up against other indian wine.I have seen here opinions are more swayed by brand than just what exactly is inside the bottle. I definitely like some lables of sula but this certainly was overhyped. I guess Grover La reserve also going in the same ditrection. It no longer command the quality tag it used to and i can tell tell you lot of people will agree. So lets explore adventure beyond them and check out the new offerings like Nine Hills,Reveiolo, Chateau D Ori, Aryaa in the market as wine is all about discovering.

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