From the Sommelier India ticker tape


Tulleeho India is organising an amateur bar tending workshop in Poona on November 30th 2008. Their experts promise to teach you to ‘plan a party, choose the most happening spirits in town, set up a bar, and lots more – down to the last detail . Tulleeho has also launched it’s bar tending academy in Bangalore and plans to take in its first batch in Januray 2009.Compiled by Shivani Dogra

A new ruling by the Aurangabad bench of a Mumbai high Court has demanded that excise duty on wine be paid by wineries.
Excise duty on wineries was waived aside by the Maharashtra State Government and has not been paid since 2001. The Court has now demanded the wineries pay excise duty due since 2001. Needless to say, industry insiders are not amused by the excise departments blow hot blow cold policies.
A report on the study of the Indian wine market, has been released by the Wine Institute of California. The report, ‘A Comprehensive Study of the Indian Wine Market’ is a 37 page document with a 41-page Reference Guide Section that details Indian drinking culture, demographics, geography of the region, import procedures, supply chain, wine pricing structure, state laws, Foreign Trade Agreements and other issues that are related to the Indian wine market .The objective of the report is to help the California wine producers to understand India’s market and it’s psyche before actually venturing into the market.

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