Wine Identity cover.jpgGood news for wine newbies. All the jargon and tech-talk about wine is on the decline. Wine producers are seeking to differentiate their brands by telling their unique stories.
By focusing on geographical and cultural attributes, winemakers are hoping to increase their sales and attract tourists. In an increasingly competitive global market, there is a growing trend towards linking wine marketing with identity.

A new book on the subject published by Routledge is a timely addition to anyone interested in wine marketing. It covers wine regions around the world and is divided into three sections, Branding, Heritage and Terroir describing the different approaches wine producers are using to highlight their differences and focus on what marks them apart in attracting wine tourists and consumers.
Consisting of a collection of well researched articles, the book covers subjects such as – Tourism Marketing,Tourism Society and Culture, Consumption and Catering. The book is likely to have broad appeal for people in the trade as well as consumers with a serious interest in wine.
Wine and Identity
Branding, Heritage, Terroir

Edited by Matt Harvey, Leanne White, Warwick Frost
Routledge 2013. 256 pages
Hardback: $144.00
Series: Routledge Studies of Gastronomy, Food and Drink

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