French Wine Exposium in Delhi, Mumbai & Bangalore


Sopexa organized a wine and spirits event for members of the trade in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore between April 23-27th, 2007. 21 wine and sprits producers from France participated in the event with the goal of showcasing their wines and learning more about the Indian market. These wine producers were also on the prowl for local importers and distributors.
Some of the wine producers present included Baron de Montfort, Cellier des Dauphins, Champagne Eric Taillet, Chassagnoux & Fils, Chateau Bellefontaine, Brague, Mallevielle, Tariquet, Rousselle, Denis et Florence Dubourdieu, Domaine de Val d’Estable, Domaine du Parc Saint Charles, Dubos Frere-Bordeaux, Gerard Bertrand, Louis Max, Maison Tricon, Malbec Cahors International, M. Chapoutier, Rhum Clement, Vinovalie and VMV.
Needless to say, India is a tough market and these wine producers will need all the patience they can muster if they want to break into it. Some of the wines showed promise, but with the Indian retail market just emerging, there currently aren’t enough distribution points for all these new wine producers. Not surprisingly, some of the producers had difficulty in getting their samples through customs.

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