First of the Seconds: Château Brane-Cantenac Grand Vin

brane1.jpg Brane-Cantenac wines have held an enviable position for centuries. Founded in the 18th century, this Bordeaux wine estate was ranked at the top of the second classed growths in the 1855 classification, but was producing one of the most highly regarded wines of the Médoc well before that. Archives record that over a century before the 1855 classification, the wine of the Cantenac plateau was highly prized among wine connoisseurs who were willing to pay a very good price for it.

In fact, Baron Hector de Brane (known as the ‘Napoleon des vignes’ for having acquired so many chateaux) sold Brane-Mouton in 1833 (now called Mouton-Rothschild) in order to buy this estate with its outstanding terroir, renaming it Brane-Cantenac. Before the First World War in 1914 its wine was fetching the same price as the first growths giving rise to the moniker, “First of the Seconds”.
Spreading over 94 hectares (231 acres) of rolling vineyards, Brane-Cantenac’s present owner is Henri Lurton, whose dedication and understanding of the state’s terroir and close involvement in every stage of its winemaking combined with state-of-the-art equipment and judicious innovations has taken a truly outstanding wine to new heights.
Elegant and modern with its famous black and gold label and new branding, “Just Brane”, this world-reknowned second growth is complex, balanced and full of flavour — a great pedigree Margaux from a deep gravel terroir.
In addition to Château Brane-Cantenac Grand Vin, Baron de Brane is the second wine of the Château with a new label in silver and claret reflecting nobility and tradition.

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