FENAVIN: A Correspondent’s Diary, Summary Post

The recently concluded Spanish Wine Fair, was by all accounts an outstanding success. Buyers from new and emerging markets like China and India were introduced to the delights of Spanish Wines, while wine makers and industry associations debated the future of their art. The convergence of producers, buyers and importers, media and industry analysts made the fair a vibrant venue. 28.jpg

A venue for addressing the issues, concerns, hopes and aspirations of the various Spanish wine making regions.

While Fairs and Exhibitions of such size can be a nightmare to navigate through, the organizers at Fenavin managed to effectively give clarity, legibility and ample opportunity to the over one thousand wineries to showcase their wines. With the Wine Gallery and Conference Rooms on the concourse level the ground floor was dedicated exhibition space along with the Business Center, the Press and Media Rooms, and the Cafeteria.
Assisting international visitors such as the Indian delegation were people like Ms. Noelia Piriz who gave the delegates both help and assistance whenever needed, thereby enabling one to make the most effective use of one’s time.
India as an emerging wine market was represented by independent journalists, a host of importers of wines and spirits and Subhash Arora of the Delhi Wine Club, who conducted a seminar entitled, “The Indian Paradox.”
The organizers of the Fair, the participating wineries, the media, industry analysts, and the local civic authorities all collectively contributed to making Fenavin a highly effective platform for the Spanish Wine Industry to showcase some of their best wines, to meet people one may or may not otherwise have access to and to discuss and debate issues that concern all of us in the wine industry.
From Rahoul Singh at Fenavin, the Spanish Wine Fair,Cuidad Real.

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