FENAVIN: A Correspondent’s Diary Part 3

fen2007t.jpg Day three of the Spanish Wine Fair, Fenavin, had two highly informative Round Table discussions on, “Wine and Public Health” and “Wine and Health:Recent Investigations” conducted by both medical practitioners and academics from around the world.

One could not help but take note of the relatively small but increasing number of organic wine growers in the country and the ecological role they were playing in maintaining the terroir of their vineyards and thereby producing ´healthier´ wines.

Certifying agencies such as the Sistema de Control (CE) and the Sohiscert ensure, after a rigorous testing process, that each bottle of ´organic´wine is free from pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and the vineyards devoid of any weed killers. At the time of plucking they inspect the machinery and other such equipment for any chemicals that they may impart to the wine. Other vineyards such Dionisos, named after the Greek God of Wine, takes this a step further by synchronizing their plucking and clarification periods with the location of the moon, thereby ensuring that the wine making process exploits gravity and natural filtration methods. Clay tinajás (amphora) aid in this process.
Given that the winemakers art shares an umbilical relationship with the land, it was heartening to see at Fenavin, experts from both within the country and overseas debating and strategizing on issues that would play a pivotal role in shaping the future of Spanish wines. Not only did the fair provide a forum for producers to meet potential buyers of wine but it also enabled winemakers from all over the country to meet and interact with other professionals in the industry.
From Rahoul Singh at Fenavin, the Spanish Wine Fair,Cuidad Real.


  1. The Editor,
    On May 9th, the third day at Fenavin, there was another conference- The Indian Paradox.It was the only event where India was represented and was attended by all the Indian importers and journalists.
    It is a matter of surprise you chose not to even mention the programme in your third day’s reporting.More than a dozen online news sites and even a newspaper like Hindustan Times picked up and published the related article.

  2. The report was filed prior to the conference on the Indian Paradox.
    The Indian Paradox will be mentioned in the summary post which will be published in the next few days.
    Shiv Singh
    Blog Editor

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