FENAVIN: A Correspondent’s Diary Part 2

fenavin_day_2.jpg The second day at Fenavin, the Spanish Wine Fair being held in Cuidad Real was witness to high levels of activity, due in part, to the success of the Wine Gallery being held on the first floor of the main exhibition hall. Placed neatly in rows, over one thousand of the choicest Spanish wines with individual placards describing their grape varietals, the production capacity of the vineyard and the region to where they belong were available for visitors to the Fair to sample.

On entering the concourse level each visitor was given a glass which was to be their faithful companion as they ploughed first through a wide array of whites and then subsequently an equally impressive array of red wines. Located strategically at each end of the thirty foot tables were spittoons (also available were small individual spittoons for each participant) at one end and sinks to rinse ones glass at the other. Punctuating the endless rows of bottles were crackers and cheese.
(Also present, albeit discretely at the beginning of the Wine Gallery, was a medical team and a sign that gave visitors word of advice, “ Taste only those that you have short listed” !)
The Wine Gallery, effectively presented a vast portfolio of wines comprehensively and in a well-organized manner, thereby allowing potential importers, journalists and wine critics to sample, compare and contrast the wines before scheduling individual meetings with the producers.
A Round Table Discussion on “Globalization in the World of Wine“, was conducted by a panel of three speakers. Robert Joseph, Chief Editor of Wine Business International and the writer of the Jospeh Report along with Florencio Lopez Navarro, President of Wines of Spain and Victor de la Serna, Deputy Director of Él Mundo´and wine producer in Manchuela. While each of the speakers presented a point of view unique to their individual experiences it was nonetheless apparant that with globalization individual wine producers would be selling not what they want to sell but rather would be selling what people want to buy! Designer wines for designer times!
Over lunch and after having sacrificed their beloved siesta concerned professionals in the wine industry gathered informally to discuss the future of Spanish wines especially in emerging markets such as India. Climate Change, Wine Tourism and the Future of High Expression Wines were some of the other topics of conversation that were doing the rounds.
From Rahoul Singh at Fenavin, the Spanish Wine Fair,Cuidad Real.

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