FENAVIN: A Correspondent’s Diary Part 1


With over a thousand exhibitors, multiple and parallel conferences on issues as diverse as, “The Impact of Climate Change on the Wine Industry”, ”The Future of High Expression Wines”, ”The Wine Market in Japan” and an illuminating round table on, ”A Matter of Noses” have all contributed in making the first day of the Spanish Wine Fair, Fenavin, both highly informative and from all accounts equally transactive.

As part of a group consisting of importers of alcoholic beverages into India, Sommelier India, the Wine Magazine, was the only publication to represent a growing and discerning domestic market to the producers of some of the finest Spanish, Tempranillo, Mazuelo, Garnacha and Graciano grape varietals to be found anywhere.
The fair, spread over four days in the southern Spanish city of Ciudad Real is held every other year and is in its fourth cycle. The organization has take great pains to exhibit the wines in conditions as ideal as possible and has provided exceptional facilities to producers, importers, journalists and wine professionals to engage with both the wines and each other. Spread over 19,000 square meters the fair is divided into 7 pavilions (Eneo, Homero, Virgilio, Osiris, Hesiodo, Dionisos and Noé) in which wineries from throughout the country are present. With stands varying in size from a few square meters in area to larger pavillions omni present is the Spanish winemakers passion for their art something that would give the Matadors and the raging bulls of their country a run for their money!

From Rahoul Singh at Fenavin, the Spanish Wine Fair,Cuidad Real

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