Extraordinary wines for extraordinary times


In light of the historic US presidential election, The Antique Wine Company is offering some of the most beautifully crafted wines from the US to mark this historic election. As preparations begin for the Barack Obama years (the 44th president of the US), it might be worth recalling some words from the third president, Thomas Jefferson, who suggested that “Wine brightens the life and thinking of anyone.”

All prices in the list below are per bottle. Prices are ex cellars, London.
Worldwide shipment is available.

1995 Araujo Estate Eisele 98RP 12 available GBP245 / USD390 / EUR305
“I believe the 1995 is the finest produced under the Araujo regime”
1996 Harlan Estate 98RP 6 available GBP560 / USD895 / EUR700
“It is one of the most concentrated and complete red wines one could hope to taste”
1999 Harlan Estate 92RP 18 available GBP400 / USD640 / EUR500
“this is still an outstanding wine”
1991 Dominus 98RP 6 available GBP120 / USD190 / EUR150
“It is a marvelous Pomerol-like wine of exceptional purity and harmony”
2000 Dominus 87RP 6 available GBP50 / USD80 / EUR60
“It is a medium-bodied, tightly-knit offering displaying more complex aromatics than the score might suggest”
1997 Kistler Chardonnay Durell 90-92RP 6 available GBP70 / USD110 / EUR90
“Steve Kistler believes the 1997 Chardonnays are among the finest he has ever produced”
1999 Kistler Chardonnay Durell 96RP 6 available GBP100 / USD160 / EUR125
“This extraordinary Chardonnay marries unbridled power and richness with uncanny elegance and precision”
2000 Kistler Chardonnay Durell 95RP 6 available GBP100 / USD160 / EUR125
“a sensational finish that lasts nearly 40 seconds … remarkable for a dry white.”
2000 Far Niente Dolce 6 available GBP155 / USD250 / EUR195
2003 Far Niente Dolce (37.5cl) 12 available GBP50 / USD80 / EUR60
“Part of the magic of Dolce, beyond its ability to give hedonistic pleasure, is its ability to age and improve for many many years.”
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