EAT and the Art of Good Taste


250x.jpgThe acronym EAT is short for the European Art of Taste. And with the launch of EAT, the European Union and Italian Government want to introduce the best of food and wine from Europe to India. Considering SI’s mission is to promote wine culture and gastronomy in the country, the launch of EAT is a very worthy cause as far as Sommelier India is concerned.

When lending its support to the promotion of European cuisine, the European Union guarantees the quality, authenticity and safety of its wine and food products. The EAT programme therefore aims to educate the HoReCa sector as well as the consumer about the importance of country or region of origin, and the difference it makes to the ultimate quality of, say, an olive oil or a wine.
As part of its India promotion, EAT has planned a series of activities in Delhi from October 29 to October 31, 2010. Apart from the professional sector – chefs, restaurant owners, retailers – EAT is also targeting a wide spectrum of consumers with tasting sessions and in-store demos as some of the highlights, including a special dinner at the Italian Cultural Centre hosted by Ritu Dalmia where the wines will be introduced by SI correspondent, Alok Chandra.
From opinion leaders and high-end restaurant patrons to retail customers, gastronomes and lovers of food literature, from sector-specific operators to foodie readers of special interest magazines like Sommelier India, EAT wants everyone to know about their objectives.
Many wine and food products from EAT have received the prestigious PDO or GPI label. This effectively means that from start to finish the product must be wholly manufactured in the traditional way within a specific region. For example, rigorous selection of raw materials – like durum wheat for Pasta – or specific territory of origin, like in the case of Provolone cheese, automatically confers unique and invaluable properties to the products.
So experience EAT and develop a taste for the best agricultural products from Europe – whether food or wine.

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